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Five levels of maths development from

1. Your basic counting blocks from 1-100

2. Addition and Subtraction

3. Multiplication 1,2,5,10 times table

4. Multiplication 3,4,6,7,8,9 times table

5. Division and multiplication families

Maths game for kids



in maths for kids>>>


Maths needs to be fun and part of every day life.  Takes and Adders is an innovative maths game that you can share with your 3-10 year old child (or children) and develop the most important foundation skills of basic mathematics including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


This is an everyday coffee table game for adults and children to enjoy.



Parents are raving about the benefits of Takes and Adders.  See our facebook site for comments


"This is great.  there is even a set of ABC's for forming works and making a word search game."

Maths game for kids
Personalised Quality

- Hand made in the UK

- Personalised with your child's name

- Quality wooden game

- Last for generations

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