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​“This is a great game for us to share with the kids.  I cannot believe how much their maths has improved since we starting playing it.  Well done!”​

“Love the board.  Maths and word search is fantastic.”


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The parents involvement in playing Takes and Adders is not only for fun but to help your child develop their mental maths process.  For example (12 x 6)-23.  12 x 6 = 72, 72 - 20 is 52, 52 - 3 is 49.  These little steps and repetitive processes really help your child build confidence in maths and a greater self esteem.


There are a number of uses for the Takes And Adders Game.


1. Basic counting and number recognition with the 1-100 numbers.


2. Takes And Adders maths game using the different levels of maths to suite your age group.  From addition and subtraction to times tables and more advanced maths equations.  Each colour represents a different level.  See Resources and Help for more information and rules.


3. Letter recognition, basic words and more advanced word search.  


We have found it more interesting to play Takes and Adders with our children than a standard board game where we get bored.  Excuse the pun.  Our time and our children's time is well spent having fun and learning.


To be honest as parent we cannot take full credit for the game.  Our 6 year old was always making games on paper.  So one day we sat down and developed Takes and Adders with him.  It was a little too easy for his older sister who was 8 so we had to make another game.  It was beginning to be an endless process of drawing up new boards, so we came up with the idea of using 3D cubes.  Each side of the Cube represents a different level of mathematical complexity.  So there are now hundreds of different game levels and combinations that you and your child can build.  In addition we added the 1-100 counting for the young ones and the letters which have proved to be a real success for word search games for the older kids and basic spelling for the little ones.


Every board is hand made from wood and personally printed for each customer so you can have your child's name or family name printed onto he board.  We wanted to make a quality product that will last for our children's children.


We stand behind the product and will replace any cube that has any type of manufacturing fault.   Over the years of use you may loose a cube down the couch or it may get chewed by the family dog, so we have the facility where can order a replacement cubes and we will ship it to you.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with new ideas or questions you may have.


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Have fun learning.


Rae and Jason


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