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Q: Can I order replacement blocks?

A: Yes.  Just enter the missing block numbers (1-100) into the order form for missing blocks on the online shop

Q: Can I personalise my board?

A: Yes. We can put your child or children's names on the board or your business name.

Q: How do I get out an individual block?

A:You will find a little hole under every block which you or your child and fit their finger into and push out the block.



Q: Can you ship anywhere in the world

A: Yes.  We will use the most cost effective and reliable shipping service to your location.

Q: How many people can play?

A: Two or more.  We find six is a recommended maximum so everyone gets a turn quickly.

My parents have dedicated their entire working life to teaching children from ages 4-12 years old.  


Armed with an Ipad like many grandparents these days, they would welcome any questions you may have regarding teaching maths to your children.


You can send them a tweet !





Over 100 years of teaching experience

Maths equations help

Teach your child maths is not just about the answer but the process in how you worked it out.  


The document below will help explain some basic processes for working out the answers to more complex equations.


Hope this helps.

Q: How should we teach the time tables above 11

A: Takes and adders does have some times tables equations above 10.  We try and teach out children to use their 1-10 times tables to work out 12 and above (given that most of the 11 times table is easy to remember).  So for working out 12 x 4 we first work out 10 x 4=40 and then 2x4=8 and add the two together to get 48.  This way they can use the same principal and oprocess to work out 16x4 ie 10x4=40 and 6x4=24, 40+24 =64 .  Having to remember the 12 times table is from the old imperial days and not really required today.


See Maths Equations help for more examples



Q: Is this recommended for children under three?

A: No due to potential choking hazards.

Rules of the Game

The document below will provide you with the basic rules of the game.  


There are a number of uses for the Takes And Adders Game.


1. Basic counting and number recognition with the 1-100 numbers


2. Takes And Adders maths game using the different levels of maths to suite your ages group.  From addition and subtraction to times tables and more advanced maths equations.


3. Letter recognition, basic words and more advanced word search.  






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