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This is order of operation.  We need to work out what is in the ( ) first.  So 4 minus 2 equals 2.  Then 2 times 2 equal 4


This is a family.  So what plus 3 equals 9 is the same as  9 minus 3 equals what? 6

Teaching children addition, subtraction and the 1-10 times table (and 11 times table as it is an easy one) is one of the foundations of all maths. Takes And Adders focuses on this foundation of learning maths in the first three levels.  From there the children will start to remember their times tables off by heart.


Beyond that we need to teach the children the process of working out more complex equations and teach them about maths families.


The following are examples of some of the key processes in working out some of the more difficult equations.


Basic maths using steps. We must work out multiplication before subtraction.

Step 1. 12x6. 10 times 6 equals 60

Step 2. 2 times 6 equals 12

Step 3. 60 plus 12 equals 72


Step 4.  72-23. 72 minus 20 equals 52

Step 5. 52 minus 3 equals 49


This is a family. So what devided by 6 equals 3 is the same as 3 times 6 equals what? 18

Maths Equations Help

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